Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Sitting here, being my lonely alcoholic self, I realized something. Do you know what the best part of Margarita's is? Tequila. Oh, wondrous, glorious tequila. And you know the best thing About tequila? I can legally buy it. And drink it. And get tipsy.

Tequila is a splended liquor. You can add it to different Mexican dishes, marinade chicken with it and margarita (Triple Sec and Sweet and Sour, your welcome). You can drink it in shot form. Tequila sunrises (Orange juice and a splash of grenadine). Tequila...

Recently I've consumed quite a bit of the substance. In the form of margaritas. Blended mango (And since it's not mango season in Maine, it really never is, I suggest Master of Mixes Mango Margarita/Daiquiri mix) and on the rocks lime. Both are tasty. I recommend them.

Next week when I get my updated Californian license in the mail, I plan on purchasing some more rum so I can hit my strawberry daiquiris. I'll add my recipe next week ('Cause I've figured out nobody wants to read about my personal life)!

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  1. I need to get on getting a replacement oregon license in the mail haha. Screw the CA dmv i say.