Friday, September 17, 2010

As this summer comes to a close...

The summer's almost over, which means fall is on it's way. This year will be the first year in my life where I'll be able to experience fall in all it's glory, followed by winter and then lovely spring. Had you told me a few years ago that I'd be freezing my ass off next to Canada in the winter of 2010, I would have laughed. Now I'm not sure if I want to cry. What I am pretty certain of, is this winter I am most definitely going to need an electric blanket wrapped around me 24/7. Hello cancer! Here I'm already complaining about how cold I'm going to get and I'm not even to that point yet.

Seeming as it's the end of summer, maybe I ought to chat about that instead? Alright, if you insist. This past summer has been one hell of a ride. Getting married at the end of May to Combat Boots, then him leaving a few days later to be deployed to Afghanistan to fight in a war that shouldn't even concern us because it's been going on forever, is how my summer began for me. After he was shipped off, I spent a month and a half in California packing and tying up loose ends. Attended some social gatherings, skipped out on working Circus at the Honda Center and in July I was on the road with my father and this cute little devil on the way to Tennessee.

Bailey and I spent three (not so) blissful weeks staying with my aunt and her husband before I got a uhaul and gtfo out of there. We made our two day drive north and crash landed smack dab in the middle of Maine at my in-laws. I love them. They treat me like a human. A real human. I like being treated like a real human. And they say they love me (Well, my mother in-law does anyway) :). And within the first week of being here, I found a nice little house for me and the pup to wait out the rest of Combat Boot's deployment in.

Four months in and I'm ready for it to be over. I am so ready for him to come home. I hate to sound sappy, but it really just doesn't feel right without him and his ridiculous smile. I swear this deployment shit was thought up by eunuchs, because no sane strait man with lovely wife and family would want to leave (unless his wife is a bitch and his family sucks, but even then...). Although I can't speed along his deployment, I do try to make it go by easier with care packages once or twice a month with some of the creature comforts of home:
Peanut butter
Chips ahoy cookies
Empty spray bottles
Colgate wisps
Granola bars
Slutty pictures of his wife
Not so slutty pictures of his wife
Pictures of the pup
Razer blades for shaving
Extra pair of combat boots
Fabric softener sheets
Homemade Cookies
Xbox Games
PS3 Games
And some more things

Creature comforts seem to be a plus for most the soldiers and I know my husband appreciates them.

That seems about all, hopefully I'll start making up dog treats again as soon as I move into my new place and if I do, I expect you to buy for your canine's yummy needs. :)