Sunday, April 17, 2011

Okay Spring,

I keep forgetting I have a blog. No, that's not really true. I just keep neglecting it because certian people, meaning most of the world, are not privy to my thoughts. But tonight I'm in the mood to write, and since I stopped writting dirty poetry for some odd reason, I get to write down some thoughts into this thing.

I live in Maine. I'm a married woman who's husband is in Afghanistan trying to fight a war we (Americans) have no business fighting. I live closest to my inlaws, a choice I made months ago when I was niave and had no clue. I didn't know them when I moved here with my dog. Now I wish I didn't live so close (to certain ones).

I've survived a winter in Maine. I personally think that's some sort of feat for a woman born and raised in Orange County, California, who's never been out of the state for more than a few weeks at a time. I moved away from everybody and everything I knew to travel cross country and settle in a place I had no idea about. I've been here for seven months and I have few friends, and an even less number I can rely on. And since I'm a bum and never managed to get a job out here, the likelyhood of making more is slim to none. I hike, I walk, I bum around the house, play games on my computer, xbox, wii , watch movies and stumble into different crafts. In the winter I started snowboarding when I wasn't freezing my valley girl ass off. And now that the snow is pretty well history, soon I can start kayaking and hiking more.

Since it's spring, I'd decided I should plant some flowers. I'd gone to Lowes one decent 60 degree Fahrenheit afternoon with the forecast saying it shouldn't get get below 45 the next few nights. I'd purchased a couple of carnations, planted them. That night it dropped below freezing. They died. We'll see how my morning glorys which I started by planting indoors turn out.

I'm also looking forward to when my husband comes home. Not looking forward to what it entails about certain other things. And that's as much detail I'm going into that with. Although we're planning to have a BBQ at some point while we're here. That ought to be fun. Please remind me to stock up on booze?

My husband and I will be moving to Germany this summer because of the military. It is something we're both looking forward to. As much as I do enjoy it out here in Maine, living in Europe and getting to travel is something you only get to do once. Unless, of course, you live there. I mean for your entire life. But for my husband and I, it's something we hope to enjoy. We plan on touring around Europe one long weekend at a time.

As for now, the days and the nights are warming up. A blessing for me. I sure do love spring and summer. I love the warmth when it envelopes you. I love being active and being out. Bailey-cakes loves it too. She has been the best companion in these long months. Without her, I don't think I would have made it without having some serious break downs. And it makes me realize that there can be many who "love" you, but very few who will love you unconditionally. Thankfully, I know who those five are.

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