Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tied The Knot

On the 27th of May, Combat Boots and I tied our union down at the county courthouse. We wore our finery, went to a nice dinner that evening and got a hotel room with an in room jacuzzi, jaaaa. It was a planned ordeal which was supposed to originally occur in February, not May, but because one of his superior officers had a hair up his butt one day, it got pushed back. We finally got to tie the knot and I'm happy we did. I'm not very happy that we only had two weeks with each other, though.

He was granted his two weeks of leave before his deployment to towelhead land, which he had to leave to within a week from when he got back to his station. We spent an amazing two weeks spending time with each other and family. One week at his parents house in Maine; one week at my father's house in California. Maine was gorgeous and beautiful, California pissed me off. I hate traffic. Especially California traffic where everybody drives like an asshole. About half the time we were in California we were either smothered by my G-ma or stuck in traffic.

Although we had such a limited time, we enjoyed each other in Maine, where we spent time out together or with on of his siblings or even just with a few of his relatives. Except for when we got called up in front of his mother's church. I didn't really enjoy that. Nope, not really. In California, we enjoyed each other and food. That would sum up California pretty good, other than we were both about ready to throw my G-ma overboard.

We started out our marriage healthy and happy. He leaves for Afghanistan this weekend which makes me nervous, but I'm sure he'll make it home in one piece and I'm sure our marriage will survive the year he'll be gone. 'Cause if we can make it through a year of him gone living in a war zone, we can damn near make it through anything.

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